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Can I run Salonium for anything other than beauty salon?

Yes. We have customers using Salonium for dental care, SPA and other businesses. In fact, you can use Salonium for any customer facing service business.

What notification texts and e-mails does a customer receive?

Your customer receives an e-mail confirmation when appointment is booked. If checkbox Send text notifications is checked in customer card, he receives a text notification several hours before an appointment. Otherwise customer receives a notification by e-mail.

You can set when notifications will be sent in Settings -> Reminders -> Settings. Note that notifications are sent only to demo and paid customers.

Must I have a website to start taking orders online?

No. If your salon does not have a website yet give your customers your Salonium Website address (you'll find it in Settings -> Website).

Can I use my domain name for Salonium Website?

Yes. You can create a "regular" or "frame" forward to redirect your existing domain name to your Salonium Website

How do I change my Salonium password?

Click on your name in the top of Salonium application window and in the opened window click on Change password button.

I already have a website. How do I start taking orders online?

You need to add a booking button to your existing website in order to start taking orders online.

To add an Online Booking button to your website, go to Settings -> Website and get a widget code to add to your website. Consult your website developer if you do not know how to change your website code.

What are the keyboard shortcuts?

You can use the following keys to speed up the most common tasks:

[Left]/[Right] - go to previous/next day
[PageUp]/[PageDown] - go to previous/next week
[1]-[9] - go to week view of the first-ninth employee
[Backspace] - go back from week view to day view 
[Space] - go to today

[S] - jump to quick search window

Data entry:
[N] - Create new appointment
[X] - Create new off-time slot


Is it safe to store my vital business data on Salonium servers?

Yes, it is safe. All Salonium data is stored on redundant servers in a well protected datacenter and is constantly backed up to a secondary datacenter. We have reached more than 99.99% availability since service launch.

What computer do I need to install Salonium software?

You don't need to install any software to run Salonium. You only need a browser. We recommend Google Chrome, but it will run just fine on Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Will I lose my data if my computer breaks or gets stolen?

No. All data is stored on Salonium servers and we take care of all of the backups. Just open Salonium in any other computer, log in and you can keep running your business.

How and how often are new features introduced?

We perform all of the updates straight on our servers without impacting end-user functionality. At most you will need to hit "Reload" in your browser to see new features.

Minor bugfixes and updates are done every second week while "feature upgrades" are introduced every two months.


When will I be charged?

You will not be charged for the first 30 days of Salonium use. Afterwards, invoice will be issued every month. Only actively used employees will be included in the invoice. If you have selected a plan without text messages included, count of messages per last billing period will also be included in the invoice.

Our salon has 3 specialists, owner and a receptionist. How much will we be charged?

We only charge for specialists who have appointments with customers. That means that in this case we will bill for 3 employee accounts. Receptionist and owner can use system for free.

If one of our specialists is on vacation, will I be charged for her?

We only charge for specialists who had appointments during last billing period. If your specialist did not book any appointments, you will not be charged for this employee.

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